I am a New Jersey based travel consultant with a focus on itinerary planning.

Galapagos Islands

About Me


When my boyfriend and I started our worldly adventures, we were amateurs. TripAdvisor who? Frommer's what? As time went on, I realized how silly it was that we would spend half our time away finding activities to do instead of just enjoying ourselves.  There was something to be said for winging it, but as blossoming "serious travelers", we quickly realized there was even more to be said for missing out!  From then on, before each trip I did some serious research. I would find everything and anything there was to see and do. Of course you can never do it all, but I was certainly going to try!

It made a world of difference to have advanced knowledge of the unfamiliar places I would visit.  From the characteristics of the various neighborhoods to the best modes of transportation and many other tidbits, I was finally armed with the tools to maximize our experiences, and I kissed my FOMO goodbye!

(FOMO = "fear of missing out" for those not up to date on the latest trendy acronyms!)

It wasn't just about having all the main attractions down. We wanted to know everything! Should we rent a car or is there a good metro service? Where are the unsafe neighborhoods? Is there a museum pass we can purchase? Where do the locals hang out? What are the mannerisms of this foreign country I'm in so I don't stick out like a sore thumb?

All these factors taken into account while planning our trips has truly changed my travel experiences, and I am ready to change yours too!  I will take care of all the necessary planning and bookings, and you just worry about packing. My full service offerings include a detailed itinerary, destination overviews, tips and tricks, packing list, hotel bookings, tour and activity reservations, and recommendations for restaurants, bars, shopping, and more. Just contact me as soon as you're ready for the trip of a lifetime!