Laguna Esmeralda


On the final morning of Australis Cruise, we all rise bright and early for Los Pingüinos Natural Monument. Finally, the day has come, Penguins! We disembark on the island and the scenery couldn’t be better, a gorgeous, colorful sunrise and penguins. Penguins everywhere! These little wobbling creatures are so fun looking. I’m totally overwhelmed with penguin joy. Nugs (aka Nuggy, aka Steven, aka my boyfriend) and I just stood and observed them for a while. Magellanic penguins burrow, forming underground nesting colonies. Word of advice, DO NOT mess with their colony. Don’t even think about going near it or they’ll defend themselves and their eggs. One of the guides told us that the penguins a

Glacier Alley

Day 3 of this insane cruise, I casually wake up to this. We've retraced our route to the Beagle Channel and sailed westward along the southern edge of Tierra del Fuego into a section of Alberto de Agostini National Park called Glacier Alley or Avenue of the Glaciers. We all file in to the dingys and we reach Pia Glacier. In the Pia fjord off the Beagle Channel, Pia Glacier is at a height of a massive 100 meters, being the highest in South America. A DREAM! Literally like what is going on?! I can’t believe my eyes from what’s surrounding me. It’s beauty overload and I can’t believe were on this piece of land in the world. We did a little bit of a muddy hike to a panoramic viewpoint from which

End of the World...

My boyfriend and I go on a 5-day cruise around the Patagonia, as mentioned in my previous post. It’s called the Via Australis Cruise and it’s a lovely 100 passenger boat. Really nice, a lot of old(er) people & I’m obviously the youngest one there. Over my travels, it’s things like that that make me appreciate how nuts my life is. Twenty-one-years-old, on a cruise in the Patagonia with her boyfriend. Now sure some of you will judge if you want but I don’t mind. Literally the best times of my life, spending it with my bestie. Things don’t get better than that. So anyway… on our first day we all get on these dingys and head to Cape Horn. Cape Horn is the most southerly point of South America, a

Ushuaia, Argentina

Soo my boyfriend and I arrive in Ushuaia (no, not Ibiza), Argentina, in the morning to leave on a 5-day cruise around the Patagonia. Ushuaia

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