Laguna Esmeralda

The Almost Forgotten City of Caral

We were totally in for this. We rented a car, a small little Hyundai Genesis and we were on our merry way. Just pulling out of the rental pl

Vegas, Off the Beaten Path Guide.

Las Vegas is, well, Vegas. It’s the place where people let their hair down, leave their mundane lives at the airport terminal (& many times their dignity, but I’m not judging) and go bonkers. The moment you land in Vegas you just feel alive. How you feel when you leave is another story, but leading up to your departure is fun filled excitement (at least for me it was). From the day parties, to the sick nightclubs, to the endless gambling, it’s just non-stop party fun. But what else does Vegas have to offer other than the Strip? A lot, actually. I bet most people have absolutely no clue. Well I’ll give you a mini guide of places I think are worth checking out if you can escape the party hardy

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